The popularity of Japanese cuisine is largely related to the image of healthy food.  If the positive effect of Umeboshi on health becomes widely known, these plums will certainly become popular in the world.

Umeboshi fermented plums in Japan have been loved since ancient times.  Almost all parents have been telling children since childhood: “Eat, this is good for health.”


Umeboshi feature – “sour” and “salty” taste.

The reason for umeboshi acid is citric acid.  Among all the fruits, umeboshi has the highest content of citric acid.  In one small plum of citric acid contains as much as in several lemons.

Citric acid has the effect of:

– cleansing the blood, it improves blood flow and increases immunity, which prevents the appearance of colds and flu.

– its effect on restraining the activity of the Helicobacter pylori bacterium, which leads to the disease of gastritis, ulcer and stomach cancer, is recognized.

– it acts favorably in the recovery of strength during fatigue.

– activates the energy exchange in the body and with it breaks down and removes lactic acid from the body, which is the cause of fatigue.

– Umeboshi acid stimulates salivation.  Saliva not only increases the appetite and has an antibacterial effect, but along with it, the youth hormone Parotin, which has the same composition as the infant’s saliva, is also secreted.

– the antiseptic properties of umebosi are associated with benzoic acid, which has an antibacterial and bacteriostatic effect, which prevents the development of mold, etc.

In addition, it is indicated on the effect of preventing diabetes due to polyphenols that prevent the development of hypertension and atherosclerosis, as well as the action that stimulates calcium absorption.


Health Benefits:

  1. For heart health, Umeboshi (Umeboshi) contains beneficial substances that prevent the development of heart diseases, improve the condition of the coronary vessels. Back in 2002, it was announced to researchers that the skin of umeboshi contains substances that positively affect the heart.  These substances, called “baniku-ekisu”, block the processes that promote hardening of the arteries and loss of vascular elasticity.  Such hardening is a common cause of heart disease, Atherosclerosis.
  2. 2. Antioxidant Protection Consuming healthy foods rich in fresh fruits and vegetables provides the body with natural antioxidants, known as phytochemicals. Scientists believe that antioxidants are extremely important for our health.  They protect us from the destructive processes caused by free radicals, reduce the risk of disease, help to slow down the aging process.  The study succeeded in isolating 20 antioxidant compounds in umeboshi with antioxidant capacity.  A daily intake of salty fruits will help to improve your health, will allow you to visit doctors less often.  The Japanese believe in the miraculous properties of umeboshi, and their lifespan is an indicator.
  3. Oral health According to recent studies, umeboshi fruit can maintain gum health. Studies published in 2011 tested substances isolated from salty fruits against common bacteria in the mouth. Umeboshi has been found to have antimicrobial activity against the bacteria tested.  Particularly effective substances have been shown against bacteria that provoke inflammation of the gums – gingivitis.
  4. Gastric ulcer The most common bacterium responsible for the onset of gastric ulcers is Helicobacter pylori. Studies claim that consuming large amounts of umeboshi protects the human body from stomach ulcers.  According to published articles, the fetus contains substances that are able to inhibit the bacteria H.pylori, thereby reducing the inflammation of the intestine.
  5. Weight control. Foods that contain fiber increase the feeling of satiety, so that the desire to eat snacks during the day is reduced. Fruits, of course, fit as an effective snack, especially if they are used as a substitute of unhealthy foods, with a high content of calories, leading to obesity and other diseases.
  6. Digestive Health Eating fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, such as umeboshi, helps improve digestive system function and has a serious effect on overall health. The fruits of umeboshi alleviate the symptoms of poor digestion, including dyspepsia, bloating.  Useful fiber found in fruits has a positive effect on constipation.
  7. Other benefits. The Japanese believe that umeboshi is a detox agent. Many use fruits to reduce hangover symptoms.  Fruit is used as a tonic for the body.

We offer you the following types of products with kombu (kelp) and umebosi:



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