Ume Kobutya


Weight: 2 g.

For the “Ume Kobutya” drink, 100% natural, high-grade, seaweed kelp from the southern region of Hokkaido and umebosi plum pulp were used as raw materials.  The classic taste of kelp with sour salty plum.

Used as a drink, as well as, as a healthy seasoning with a refreshing taste for a variety of dishes of Japanese, Chinese and European cuisine.  The Japanese ate umeboshi as a healthy food, a rich source of iodine in combination with natural citric acid.

This is one of the types of products that should always be in your bag – a useful, convenient and quick “snack” in the office, school, during the movement..

Cooking method:

1 bag (2 gram) dissolved in hot water (to taste).

This amount of broth is enough to calm hunger – because after such a “tea” there comes a feeling of satiety, although there are very few calories in combustible.

Ready broth, as needed, can be supplemented with your favorite ingredients (for example: boiled oatmeal, noodles, egg omelettes, various vegetables, herbs, etc.)..

Mass: 2 g

Made in Japan

Ingredients: salt, sugar, dried plum pulp (freeze-drying), algae powder, seasoning (amino acids).

Nutritional value per 2 g: protein 0.1 g, fat 0 g, carbohydrate 0.9 g, sodium 384 mg.

Energy value of 4 kcal.


14.00 грн.


Weight: 2 g.

Regular use of kombu tea will allow you to:

– eliminate the lack of iodine in the body and contribute to the revitalization of all endocrine glands.

– its use has a positive effect on the rate of skin renewal and the growth of nails and hair.

– Kombu morning cup of tea triggers digestion (polysaccharides, getting inside the body, swell and irritate the intestinal wall, which has a positive effect on intestinal motility and its purification)

– has an anti-inflammatory effect, eases the condition in case of inflammatory diseases (with arthritis)

– acts as a diuretic and removes excess fluid from the body.

– has an antioxidant effect

– potassium and magnesium in the composition of tea kombu help reduce high blood pressure in the elderly;

– copper prevents the oxidation of cholesterol in the blood and prevents the occurrence of diseases of the cardiovascular system;

– Calcium and iodine in the composition of tea promote bone growth and timely intellectual development in children

Umeboshi acts like:

– Antioxidant: helps reduce the effects of free radicals and reduce damage from oxidative processes.

– Antibiotic: inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, inhibits the activity of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which leads to the disease of gastritis, ulcers and stomach cancer.

– Antiseptic: helps to destroy germs and prevent the development of infection.

– Antigelmint: kills and removes intestinal parasites.

– Cough: helps fight cold.




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