Uji Hodzita-Cappuccino

Drink with hojita

Description: Delicate cappuccino with a sticker with foam hodzitya and milk. A new kind of cappuccino based on fragrant fried tea chocolate. In the summer, you can use ice as a cool. Minimum content of caffeine

If a child asks for coffee, there is a way out – hodzita-Cappuccino!

Perfect and tasty coffee alternative

Ingredients: Cream powder (sugar, dextrin, skimmed milk powder, lactose, edible oils and fats), granulated sugar, powdered roasted chicory, pure fructose, sodium caseinate.

Manufacturer: Japan, Uji, Kyoto Prefecture

How to brew: 6 grams per 100 ml of water (166 portions per kg of soap) 3 grams – 1 teaspoon 5grams – 1 teaspoon with a slide
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Delicate cappuccino in a sticker with Khojitia froth and milk. A new kind of cappuccino based on fragrant roasted tea Hodzitya. In the summer you can use it with ice as a refreshing one. Minimum caffeine content

Ways of use:

Cold matcha drink- To dissolve 1 portion of drink in a glass of cold water, add cocktail ice.

Hot matcha drink- To dissolve 1 portion of drink in a glass with boiled water, to stir well.

Instead of water it is tasty to use hot milk.

For cold desserts- Sprinkle 1 serving on ice cream (ice cream), yogurt, jelly, etc.

Add to cocktails, juices, necks, flakes with milk and various desserts.

Hodjita (hojicha) literally means “roasted tea”.  Due to roasting at high temperature, green tea acquires a characteristic brownish color.  In addition to brown, roasting gives Hojicha a distinct aroma inherent only in this type of Japanese tea.  Like a bunch, this tea is great for quenching thirst, the Japanese usually drink it after a meal, especially after eating fatty foods.  Heat treatment largely destroys tannin, which can be an irritant to a weakened or baby stomach.  In roasted tea, caffeine is also almost completely absent, and therefore it can be drunk to babies and pregnant women.  Low caffeine content allows you to drink hojicha even before bedtime, without fear of subsequent insomnia.


Excellent afternoon drink, especially if the food was quite heavy and high in calories, perfectly quenches thirst.


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