Matcha Uji-no-tsuki (40 g)

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Japanese powdered green tea matcha famous area of ​​Uji.

Tea, when properly fed and whipped, with a bamboo whisk “tasas”, gives a very lush and thick foam, the infusion of tea also has an excellent bright green color.  A jar in which tea is packaged can also be used as Natsume (Tea Storage Container) 40g classic Japanese packaging for Matcha.


 ryukutya green tea uji

 Direction of use:

 In a deep cup, place, to taste, match powder from 0.5 to 2g.  (in an incomplete teaspoon 1-2 grams.).

Add not very hot water (about 80 ° C) in the amount of 70-100 ml.

Then beat with bamboo whisk “tasas” 20-30 times to form foam.

It is better to drink with sweets consumed before tea or while holding it.

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The usefulness of the product:

If you go back to the history of green teas, since the time of the Chinese dynasties, green tea originally had just a “powder form” and was used more as a medicine, and in Japan it was originally more eaten than drank, adding to the food. The knowledge and experience of the people of the past, as well as modern scientific research convincingly prove that to get completely 100% all the nutrients of the tea leaf, better than matcha tea there are practically no options. Crushed into 15 microns tea leaf powder allows a person to absorb together with water-soluble elements, as well as insoluble valuable substances such as betacarotine, vitamin E (anti-aging), chlorophyls and retina.




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