Description: Funmattsutya is a powdered green tea, obtained by grinding tea leaves of the usual varieties of tea, septia, etc.It is considered the most useful type of tea due to the natural tea leaf powder, which ensures maximum penetration of vitamins, minerals and tea catechins in the body. It is as if you are eating tea leaves entirely (not to be confused with matcha tea, where taste and production technology differ). Strong antioxidant and antibacterial agent

Ingredients: green tea sep and cabuset.

Manufacturer: Japan, Uji, Kyoto Prefecture

How to brew: 05-2 gr. per 100 ml of water (1500-500 servings per kg. of matcha) 2g. = 1 tea box 3g. = 1 teaspoon (with a slide)
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It is the most popular drink in Japanese sushi bars and restaurants.

Also used as an additive in cooking, bakery and confectionery.

This is powdered green tea, obtained by fine grinding of tea leaves of the varieties of tea of Saint, Hodja, Gyokuro or Gemmatiya

A strong antioxidant and antibacterial agent, in powder form, it is absorbed instantly – the whole tea leaf with all the trace elements, vitamins and polyphinols,

ensuring the safety of eating raw fish sashimi or sushi, the antibacterial properties of the trace elements of green tea leaves will not allow the stomach to get food poisoning if the fish suddenly turns out to be not fresh. Funmattsutya opposes the development of caries


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