Funmatsu Tantya Khojitya

Price per 100 grams

Low Caffeine Casual Green Tea.


 Tea Funmatsu Tantya Khodzitya – ground into the powder “Hodzitya”.

This tea, interesting in taste and color, can serve as an excellent choice, an idea, when suddenly your child wants coffee.

Useful, unusual tea with the color of coffee can be called “coffee for children” (when you need it)

The minimum caffeine content allows you to drink it at any time of the day, regardless of age.


 green tea tantya hojitya funmattsutya

Direction of use:

 Pour hot water and mix. It is dissolved in water in half, with a small sediment.

1-2 gr.  per 100 ml of water (1000-500 servings per kg.)

2g.  = 1 tea  lodges (with a slide)

255.00 грн.483.00 грн.


Ways of use:

Cold matcha drink- To dissolve 1 portion of drink in a glass of cold water, add cocktail ice.

Hot matcha drink- To dissolve 1 portion of drink in a glass with boiled water, to stir well.

Instead of water it is tasty to use hot milk.

For cold desserts- Sprinkle 1 serving on ice cream (ice cream), yogurt, jelly, etc.

Add to cocktails, juices, necks, flakes with milk and various desserts.

Hodjita (hojicha) literally means “roasted tea”.  Due to roasting at high temperature, green tea acquires a characteristic brownish color.  In addition to brown, roasting gives Hojicha a distinct aroma inherent only in this type of Japanese tea.  Like a bunch, this tea is great for quenching thirst, the Japanese usually drink it after a meal, especially after eating fatty foods.  Heat treatment largely destroys tannin, which can be an irritant to a weakened or baby stomach.  In roasted tea, caffeine is also almost completely absent, and therefore it can be drunk to babies and pregnant women.  Low caffeine content allows you to drink hojicha even before bedtime, without fear of subsequent insomnia.


Excellent afternoon drink, especially if the food was quite heavy and high in calories, perfectly quenches thirst.

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