Fukamusite “SHIN” (100g) WP

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This series, with the sign ” WP ” branded tea Uji, You can find on the shelves of supermarkets in various countries . Exquisite packaging, which has a special, velvety texture reminiscent of traditional Japanese paper-washi will not leave you indifferent, and the contents in it the magic of natural flavors of tea will give you the opportunity to surprise the lovers of authentic Japanese tea with an exquisite gift.

Tea septe deep steam treatment

The first step in the production of Japanese green tea is steaming raw tea leaves.  For the manufacture of a type of fukamusi tea, steam treatment takes much longer than usual, as a result of which the leaves shrink, losing their shape and acquiring a bright green color with a slight yellowish tinge.

Tea is a rich color with a mild, odorless green aroma, with a noticeably sweet taste.  Easily brewed, not requiring the intricacies of welding.


 Composition: Uji green tea.

 Rules brewing tea Sep:

 Amount of tea: 1-2 tsp (3-5 gr.) / Per person

 Amount of water: 90 ml.  per person

 Water temperature: 70-80 C

 Brewing time: 30-40 seconds

 Pour the contents of the teapot into a shallow cup to the last drop (which is very important)!

Brewed tea leaves can be used again by adding boiling water and waiting just 10 seconds.


459.00 грн.


“It is better to drink delicious tea than one that looks more beautiful” is the most suitable characteristic of fukamusi tea.

What we eat and eat daily is the basis of our health.  Recently, the topic of discussion in Japan is the type of fukamusi tea that can keep the body healthy.  Rich in catechins, chlorophyll, sweetish theanine, minerals and vitamins.  Easy and fast brewing, recommended for beginners of Japanese green tea every day!

Uji fukamusitya “Shin” – tea for anti-aging!





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