Fruit powders (100g.)


Fruit powders obtained from natural fruits by the technology of dry spraying “spray dry” (Spray Dry).


The composition of the fruit powders:

Whole natural fruits or their squeezed juices

Without flavorings and dyes

Advantages of fruit powders by technology (SD)

Quick dry spray for 10 seconds. preserves the original smell and color of the fruit

High flowability (do not harden)

Hygienic safety for use in raw products (number of viable bacteria less than 3000/ gr.)

Reducing the cost of fresh fruit

Country of origin: Japan

580.00 грн.


Through the use:

Confectionery (chocolate, candy, lollipops, marshmallows, ice cream, pastries)

Healthy food products (bars, bars, tablets)

Drinks, fruit sauces, dressings, creams, jellies, marmalade

Food in General

In the manufacture of fruit chocolate powder is mixed directly directly into the mass, perfectly dissolving in it. The proportions of the powder vary according to the desired taste. The time of adding the powder is suitable both before and after tempering the chocolate.

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