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This series, with the sign ” WP ” branded tea Uji, You can find on the shelves of supermarkets in various countries.

Sencha or Sencha is a variety of green tea produced in Japan. Sencha-80 % of all green tea consumed by Japanese, sencha tea.

This is a high-quality tea produced by evaporation of the leaves, without resorting to fermentation and preserving the color. Evaporation also helps to preserve the taste of the tea leaf. The leaves are then cut and dried, and packaged for sale.

Enjoying, every day, such an elixir, you are guaranteed to provide yourself and relatives with prevention from influenza and SARS, without giving viruses any chance to linger in the body.

For information: high-quality, green, non-fermented tea contains the strongest antioxidant polyphenols – catechins of green tea. The antioxidant effect of polyphenols increases within 2 hours after ingestion, and after 4 hours completely disappears, so it is very important to take them periodically with breaks throughout the day.

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In the presented line of packaged tea, in the production of:

– Biodegradable, eco-friendly material for tea bags.

– A special form of tea bag, which allows the tea leaf to “bloom”, and the one who enjoys tea, to see the appearance of a quality tea leaf.

Drinking a Cup of tea, you are guaranteed not to harm yourself or the environment.


Information note: Scientists from McGill University, in Canada, conducted research and found that during the brewing of a tea bag with non-environmentally friendly materials, at a temperature of 95 degrees, several billion particles of micro – nanoplastics fall into the water, i.e. together with a Cup of tea You drink a significant amount of toxic elements.



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