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This series, with the sign ” WP ” branded tea Uji, You can find on the shelves of supermarkets in various countries .

Pyramid-shaped tea bags Genmaicha

This tea is a mixture of Kabusecha with fried rice. It tastes like Kabusecha tea with sweet nutty undertones. Genmaicha is a popular daily tea in Japan.

Composition: green tea Uji, Gammai

Storage method:

Store in a cool and dry place, away from objects and products with a strong smell. Tea is a fresh product, it is recommended to use in a short time after the first opening. To preserve the freshness of tea, the package has an “oxygen absorber”.

Tea is packaged in special bio-packages that do not have an odor, providing the original taste and smell, as well as space for the opening of the leaves.

Direction of use:

  1. Hot drink

In a Cup, place 1 sachet and add boiling water. After waiting about a minute, use.

  1. Cold drink

Prepared by way of hot drink tea, cool and serve in a long glass with ice, as “rock ice tea”.

Hot summer can be used to prepare “Mizu-Dashi” – tea water. To do this, pour 1-2 sachets of fresh cold water (1 l.) and insist a day (you can overnight). Use as a refreshing summer drink for health.

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In the presented line of packaged tea, in the production of:

– Biodegradable, eco-friendly material for tea bags.

– A special form of tea bag, which allows the tea leaf to “bloom”, and the one who enjoys tea, to see the appearance of a quality tea leaf.

Drinking a Cup of tea, you are guaranteed not to harm yourself or the environment.

Information note: Scientists from McGill University, in Canada, conducted research and found that during the brewing of a tea bag with non-environmentally friendly materials, at a temperature of 95 degrees, several billion particles of micro – nanoplastics fall into the water, i.e. together with a Cup of tea You drink a significant amount of toxic elements.


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