Anko Bean Paste


Weight:  1 kg.

Anko's Japanese Sweet Bean Paste: Tsubuan Whole Bean Paste, Kosian Shredded Bean Homogeneous Paste, Fruit and Vegetable Bean Pastes

 Natural sweet bean paste without adding oil.


Used as:

– baking toppings,

– in confectionery,

– sweet desserts,

– ice cream and drinks.


We offer bean pastes with different flavors and low sugar content for pastry and bakery.

The shelf life in frozen form is 1 year, under conditions of room temperature – 90 days.

Made in Japan

768.00 грн.


Weight:  1 kg.

Bean paste with different flavors

This paste is a popular product in Southeast Asia. It is used in all kinds of desserts, in the production of beverages (for example, in Japan in October 2009 went on sale Pepsi Cola with red sweet paste), in baking, sweet porridge and soups, as well as an additive to ice cream.


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