The special properties of Japanese tea

The special properties of Japanese tea

– Has a high vitamin and mineral complex ⠀

– Is the strongest antioxidant

– Blocks the development of cancer cells

– Increases the protective properties of immunity

– Increases metabolism, which contributes to increased calorie burning

– Promotes memory improvement

– Helps relieve emotional stress

– Lowers blood cholesterol

– Cleans the body from toxins

– Reduces the risk of developing diabetes

– Thins blood and lowers blood pressure.

– Strengthens the cardiovascular system

– inhibits age wilting of the skin

– Increases performance and activity, without increasing pressure and unpleasant excitability

– Prevents the appearance of kidney stones and gall bladder.

– opposes the development of caries

– Helps with a hangover


How to drink matcha tea

The temperature limits for brewing a delicious match – type “Usutya”:
1. In the summer of 70-80 ℃
2. In the winter of 75-85 ℃

You can guess the temperature in the following way:
Each transfusion of the required amount of water into another vessel cools the water by 10.
Boiled 3-5 min. boiling water in a teapot 100 ℃ → pour the required amount of water (ss.) into the vessel (already 90 ℃) → pour the vessel into the bowl with Matcha (1.7-2 g) to whisk (already 80) → easily (without unnecessary tension of the brush) whisk with a whisk until foam appears (temperature reaches 70-75) → ready.

A light category of match, “crushing” 1.7-2g. (This is ½ of a coffee bed.) For 80 ml of water is a tea for drinking.

A thick type of “koitya” is almost a “tea cream” 4g. (1 tea.lozh.) On 50ml. Water, since ancient times, is the medicine of monks and the main attribute of tea ceremonies of various schools.

Nowadays it is a favorite ingredient in cold drinks, desserts, yogurt, etc. (match proportion – optional)