MJ Market Украина продукты питания из ЯпонииMATCHA-JAPAN is a team of like-minded people, a manufacturing company and supplier of eco-products and high-quality, proven products for all our friends leading a conscious life and following the path of full disclosure of their potential – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual

We sell only selected matches from the best plantations of Japan. For several centuries, the standard of quality is considered to be a match grown in the south of Kyoto, in the city of Uji. It is there that the match is grown, which is served to the imperial table. At the moment, residents of Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Russia and the CIS countries can buy our match.

We offer quality loose and packaged green tea from Uji Province. The assortment includes the most famous varieties of Japanese tea: sentea, gemmatya, hodzitya, gyokuro and matcha powdered tea, as well as tea drinks and sweets.

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